Preaching/Teaching Materials

Sermons at Rolleston Baptist Church

MRBC & GBC Combined Church Camp Sermons (25-28 October 2013):

Session 1: Phil 1:1-2 – Introduction
Session 2: Phil 1:3-11 – The Exalted Christ Transforms Our Thankfulness and Prayers
Session 3: Phil 1:18b-30 – The Exalted Christ Transforms Our Priorities & Our Perspective
Session 4: Phil 2:1-11 – The Exalted Christ Transforms Our Preferences
Session 5: Phil 3:12-4:1 – The Exalted Christ Transforms Our Perseverance
Session 6: Phil 4:2-9 – The Exalted Christ Transforms Our Mind

Equip Kaiapoi 2014
New Beginning, Same Old Story?
Peter Adam on Ezra and Joe Fleener on John

The Incarnation of the Everlasting Son Play   Download

Jesus: The True Temple Play   Download

Jesus: The Saviour of All Those Who Believe Play   Download

Jesus: The Promised Redeemer, A Friend to Sinners Play   Download

Reading Genesis 1-3 with the Church – My Presentation – Understanding Genesis 1-3: A dialogue with Dr John Walton and Joe Fleener

Bible Study Training Workshops

  1. Small 320 Bible Study Training Workshops with Text Image

I’m a Christian & I Live in the Real World: Thinking Through Ethics

Thinking Through Ethics Image

Young Adults’ Home Group at Howick Baptist Church

Sermons at Howick Baptist Church

  1. Audio and/or Video
  2. Video of Sermons preached at Howick Baptist Church on Vimeo

5 responses to “Preaching/Teaching Materials

  1. behoyt

    09/05/2013 at 5:36 pm

    Joe, thanks for making your study “Observation: Read …” available. It will be very useful. But one question, you ask concerning the diagram at the end “How many boxes do you see?” Do you mean squares or rectangles? The answer would be different.

    • Joe Fleener

      10/05/2013 at 9:47 am

      Thanks, Bruce. I have edited the document to now read “squares.” 🙂


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