Bible Study Training Workshops

Bible Study Training Workshops:

Helpful Resources:

      1. Living by the Book
      2. Methodical Bible Study
      3. How to Read the Bible Book by Book
      4. ESV Study Bible
      5. Why Small Groups? (Free PDF Book)
      6. The Crisis of Caring: Recovering the Meaning of True Fellowship

Small 320 Bible Study Training Workshops with Text Image


  1. Observation: Read, Read, & Re-Read (Download MP3 – 18MB)
  2. Observation: Content (Download MP3 – 23MB)
  3. Interpretation: Context (Downlad MP3 – 24MB)
  4. Application: Big Idea & Implications – Putting the Package Together (Download MP3 – 21MB)
  5. Delivery: Leading a Fruitful, Interactive Bible Study (Download MP3 – 20MB)

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