2013 Teaching Review

17 Dec

It goes without saying the role of a pastor involves much more than teaching/preaching. Yet, the responsibility to teaching God’s Word is a significant part of my calling in ministry. As I look back on 2013 I notice this is seen in the quantity of time doing just that.

  1. I started the year, as has become “normal”, in Christchurch leading a Strand group with my wife as part of The Equip Conference.
  2. According to our church’s website I preached 47 sermons at HBC this year.
    1. I was able to finish a series through The Gospel of Mark which we began in 2012 during our Sunday PM services.
    2. I was able to present a series on Ethics during our Sunday PM services.
    3. I was able to preach a series through the Minor Prophets (1 sermon per book).
    4. I was able to preach a handful of times during our Sunday AM services.
  3. I taught a five-part Bible Study Training Workshop on Saturday mornings.
  4. I was privileged to speak four times through Jonah at a church camp for St. Saviour’s Church in Christchurch in March.
  5. I was privileged to speak five times through Philippians at a church camp for two Reformed Baptist Churches near Christchurch in October.
  6. I was also privileged to preach for three other churches for their Sunday AM services throughout the year.
  7. I have had the honour of leading our Young Adults’ Home Group almost every Tuesday night. This year we have have completed a series through Ruth, Relationships, and Philippians (along with a number of spontaneous discussions!).
  8. I have been privileged to conduct one wedding in 2013 along with conducting pre-marital counselling for two other couples for weddings within the first six weeks of 2014.
  9. I spoke eight times through the year at two different retirement homes for their “chapel services”.
  10. I provided 10 devotionals during two different school holiday programmes for the teen leaders of Redeemer Presbyterian Church.
  11. I participated in a “dialogue” with Old Testament scholar, Dr John Walton in July.
  12. I presented a paper to a small group of New Zealand Baptist Union pastors on the subject of confessionalism.
  13. I have written eleven articles for the New Zealand Baptist Magazine.
  14. I have contributed, on occasion, to The Kiwifruit Blog along with my own blog here.
  15. Finally (I think), I re-gave a seminar at this year’s Stand for the Gospel Conference.

Never far from my thinking is James 3:1 “Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness.”

To teaching God’s Word is a tremendous privilege and comes with significant responsibility.

I pray those who hear/read what I teach will continue to hold me accountable to the truth of God’s Word.

I pray the Lord will find me faithful with His Word and with the opportunities to teach the Scriptures.

I pray, if I were to ever become an unfaithful servant, He would stop my mouth by whatever means necessary rather than let me destroy His people!

I pray the Lord will use His Word, by the power of His Spirit to call many to repentance and to continually transform His children into the likeness of His Son.

Soli Deo Gloria


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