Publications & Presented Papers

Select Publications:

2012 Book Review: Christian Biographies for Young Readers series Themelios (April 2012 Vol. 37 Issue 1)

2011 Book Review: R. C. Sproul’s Children’s Book Series Themelios (August 2011 Vol. 36 Issue 2)

2011 Book Review: “Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions” by Greg Koukl. Themelios (April 2011 Vol. 36 Issue 1).

2010 Book Review: “Counsel from the Cross” by Elyse Fitzpatrick & Dennis Johnson. Themelios (November 2010 Vol. 35 Issue 3).

2010 Book Review: “Who Made God?” by Edgar Andrews. Themelios (April 2010 Vol. 35 Issue 1), 145-146.

2009 ‘The Origin of Man: Implications of Our Claims.’ Evangelical Action (2009 Annual).

2009 Book Review: ‘Just Do Something’ by Kevin DeYoung. Evangelical Action (2009 Annual).

2009 ‘Exploring, with John Calvin, Our Adoption as Sons.’ Evangelical Action (August/September 2009), 16-19.

2009 ‘Are There Implications to One’s Claim Regarding the Origin of Man?’ The Baptist Magazine for New Zealand Baptist Churches (October 2009), 8/16.

2009 Book Review: ‘The Reason for God’ by Tim Keller. The Pacific Journal of Baptist Research Vol. 5 No. 1 April 2009, 90-91.

Select Presented Papers:

2010 March 26th – “Christianity On Trial” – University of Auckland – Panel Presentation

2010 April 16th-18th – “Stand for the Gospel” – Howick Baptist Church – “The Gospel and Singleness.”

2009 ‘Exploring, with John Calvin, Our Adoption as Sons.’ Calvin500 Conference, Geneva, Switzerland.

Annual Australasian Conference for the Academy and the Church, Queensland Theological College, Brisbane, Australia, June 2009

  • Presented paper: Exploring, with John Calvin, Our Adoption as Sons

Impact Bible Conference, Hastings, New Zealand, May 2009

  • Presented paper: Intelligent Design: Is ID the Same as Biblical Creationism?
  • Presented paper: Theistic Evolution: Does it Really Matter Whether Genesis is Historical?

Society of Biblical Literature – International Meeting, Auckland, New Zealand, July 2008

  • BibleWorks Vendor Representative: Responsible for all aspects of facilitating the BibleWorks vendor table – giving of demos, answering user questions, etc.
  • Facilitated Workshop: BibleWorks Training Workshops for conference attendees

Impact Bible Conference, Hastings, New Zealand, May 2008

  • Presented paper: Is the Church for the Church?
  • Presented paper: ADHD: Does the Bible have answers?

Impact Bible Conference, Hastings, New Zealand, May 2007

  • Presented paper: Conditional Immortality
  • Facilitated workshop: Computer Aided Bible Study

2005 ‘Exegetical Software in the Classroom: We have come a long way since codices and papyri.’ Evangelical Theological Society, Valley Forge, PA.

2004 ‘Exegetical Software and Classroom Instruction.’ Society of Biblical Literature, San Antonio, TX.

2003 ‘Paul and Divine Foreknowledge: Did God Manipulate Pharaoh’s Heart?’ Evangelical Theological Society – East Regional Meeting, Lancaster Bible College.


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