Bible Study Training Workshops – Beginning at Howick Baptist Church, Saturday Mornings

09 May

Bible Study Training Workshops with Text Image


Time: 7:00-9:00am

Day: Saturdays

Location: Clarkson Hall

You will find the handouts for this series for download here.

Beginning, Saturday the 11th of May, Joe Fleener will be starting a new workshop aimed to assist those who would like to grow in their ability to study God’s Word and teach it to others. This includes Home Group Leaders, Sunday School Teachers, one-on-one discipleship, etc. The plan is to take a passage of Scripture and work together to understand how to study that type of Scripture all the way through the process of organising and delivering an actual Bible study.

We will meet from 7-9am, Saturday morning in Clarkson Hall for six weeks with each participant having an opportunity to share their bible study or sermon with the group for helpful feedback. Lord willing we would do this for, four passages covering different types of Scriptures through the year (i.e. New Testament epistle, Old Testament narrative, poetry, etc.). In other words we would meet for six weeks doing this for a passage, take a couple weeks off, then do it again for another passage, etc.


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