A List of “Gospel” Books We Read to Our Children

15 Oct

I received a comment to Our Bedtime Routine asking for a list of books we read to our children.

Not all of these books are directly focused on the Gospel directly, some are. However, all of them provide a regular diet of biblical instruction to our kids which we can then build from to restate and reinforce the Gospel.

I highly recommend the ESV Children’s Bible (To be frank, I am convinced it is the only Children’s Bible worth owning!)

My Friend Grace: A Child Learns about the Mercy and Sovereignty of God (Amazon, Solid Ground Books)

Who Will be King

The King Without A Shadow

The Lightlings

The Princess and the Kiss

The Squire and the Scroll

God’s Wisdom for Little Boys

God’s Wisdom for Little Girls

Grandpa’s Box

Wise Words

The Big Picture Story Bible

I Believe in Jesus

Martin Luther: A Man Who Changed The World

Mortimer’s Christmas Manger

The Something Wonderful: A Christmas Story

Small Talks on Big Questions by Selah Helms and Susan Thompson

Conduct for the Crayon Crowd

Thoughts for Young Men

Young Lady’s Guide

Child’s Story Bible

The Jesus Storybook Bible

This is probably an appropriate place to repost Lou Priolo’s statement in Teach Them Diligently:

So many books…so little Scripture

The bookshelves in you home no doubt contain volumes of books, manuals, seminar notes, magazine articles, and video and audio cassettes purporting to address parenting from a Christian point of view. Some of these, while claiming to be biblical, may actually contain “insights” that were gleaned from humanistic pop-psychology but are foreign to the Bible. Other tools in your parenting tool chest are doubtless very biblical and helpful. With rare exception, however, most of today’s Christian parenting resources fail to emphasize what is perhaps the most important aspect of biblical parenting – how to relate the Bible to the disciplinary process in practical ways…

His own footnote => I am aware of at least one Christian parenting “expert” who has repackaged his child training material with most of the Scripture removed in an attempt to reach a secular market. If you remove the Scripture from a truly Christian parenting model, it would (and should) fall as flat as a pancake. It is the Scriptures that we are to teach our children in the milieu of everyday living.”


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2 responses to “A List of “Gospel” Books We Read to Our Children

  1. TulipGirl

    01/10/2007 at 1:30 am

    I think you would enjoy reading aloud one of our favourites–Helen Taylor’s “Little Pilgrim’s Progress.” I’ve read it aloud so many times to my boys–I finally recorded it so they could listen to it even when I couldn’t read.Also, Catherine Vos’ Children’s Bible is very sound.

  2. Joe Fleener

    01/10/2007 at 1:40 am

    Thank you “TulipGirl”. I have Taylor’s book, but not Vos’ – although it is on my “wishlist!”I will add to this list another of “audio books” our kids enjoy.


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