A Note to My American Friends Interested in Politics

05 Mar

I have lived outside the US now for over eight years. Most likely, I will for the rest of my life (though the Lord may have other plans). If it weren’t for FaceBook I would probably have no idea what was going on in the world of US politics. Nevertheless, it is inescapable.

As a result I wanted to mention a couple of details based on some of what I have observed lately on various FB posts related to American Politics.

Firstly, Ben Carson… Let me be clear. I am very thankful for Carson’s ethical stance against abortion. I know virtually nothing about his expertise or knowledge of domestic politics, economics, or foreign affairs. However, I do know he is Seventh-Day Adventist and this has never been a secret.

Does Ben Carson personally believe that salvation is by faith alone for the forgiveness of sins, in Christ alone, according to the Scriptures alone, for the glory of God alone? In other words, is Ben Carson truly a Christian? I have no idea. I do know he is a member of a “denomination” that would officially deny some historical, orthodox truths.

My American friends, you can support Ben Carson if you agree with his ethical and political views without making him into a Bible believing, Evangelical Christian – if, in fact, he is not. Please don’t overstate his position trying to make him something he may not be just to gain support.

(If anyone has verifiable knowledge of Carson’s personal understanding of Biblical salvation and the authority of Scripture I would be happy to be corrected.)

Secondly, Benjamine Netanyahu… Everyone knows he spoke before the US Congress this week. I saw more than one Christian say something like, “please pray for the leader of God’s people as he enters the lions’ den this week”. (I’m not joking!)

“The leader of God’s people”??!??

My American friend (or any for that matter). If you are dispensational (and let’s be honest I only saw these kinds of comments from people who would generally fall into that theological category) then please be a consistent dispensationalist.

As a dispensationalist you would believe that God has placed His plan for Israel on “hold” for now and is focused on the church. Therefore it is inconceivable to call a man who denies Jesus is the Messiah and leads a secular nation, made up of people the vast majority of whom deny Jesus is the Messiah “the leader of God’s people”.

There are many “leaders of God’s people” today and they are pastors/elders of local churches all over the world.

If you are not dispensational and yet have made such comments, then the level of theological inconsistency is so great, I have no idea where to begin.

You can support Netanyahu if you agree with his politics, his foreign affairs, his boldness, or whatever. But please do not overstate your case with such theological statements which cannot possibly be defended from Scripture.

Living on the “outside” I can only tell you such political positions as voiced recently regarding Carson and Netanyahu only increases the negativity many have towards Americans who seem to have a profound gift for confusing conservative politics with Biblical Christianity.

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