Star Wars Trailers

29 Nov

The official Theatrical Trailer for Star Wars VII has been released. I am suspicious and concerned about Disney’s ability to perpetuate the story with the same quality (and lets admit right here Episodes IV-VI are superior to Episodes I-III already), but I am also curious as these movies will, forever, be some of my most favourite ever made!

So, in honour of the release of the new trailer, I thought I would collect all of the original trailers here in one place – just for fun! 🙂

{From the opening of this trailer with the Disney feature (which makes me nauseous!), to the very end it looks so incredibly disappointing! Why couldn’t they leave a good thing alone??}


But then, there is this one…

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Posted by on 29/11/2014 in Family, Fun


One response to “Star Wars Trailers

  1. Isaac

    08/01/2015 at 11:03 pm

    The end music on the 7 teaser was so cheesy! Hollywood loves reboots!


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