Our Final Seniors’ Morning Tea at Howick Baptist Church

11 Jul

For the past 3 1/2 years we have enjoyed Morning Tea with the senior members of Howick Baptist Church quarterly. A number of ladies serve faithfully in preparing the food and decorations. It is always a great time of fellowship. One of our family’s more enjoyable activities in the church.

For many of these our children have been privileged to play their instruments for a bit of a concert. It has been one of the most encouraging opportunities for our children to practice their instruments.

Here are the videos from Wednesday’s Morning Tea. The kids have really come along way in their music ability over these years.

Tabitha on Piano 1 – 090714

Mekaela on Bassoon 1 – 090714

Mekaela Bassoon 2 – 090714

Tabitha on Piano 2 – 090714

Gavin on Piano 1 – 090714

Tabitha on Clarinet 1 – 090714

Mekaela on Piano 1 – 090714

Mekaela on Piano 2 – 090714

Tabitha on Clarinet 2 – 090714

Gavin on Violin 1 – 090714

Gavin on Violin 2 – 090714

Mekaela on Violin 1 – 090714

Mekaela on Violin 2 – 090714



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