Titles Can Create Confusion

08 Jul
The few who read my blog will know that I have contributed a monthly article in the Baptist Magazine for about two years. Today, the latest issue came out with my final contribution.
I saw the heading given to my article this afternoon in the latest issue of the Baptist Mag. The editor makes the headings and I immediately cringed when I read his choice.
The heading is, “Planting a Baptist Church in Rolleston”.
I am very sorry for the confusion created.
By giving the article such a heading it communicates this is a Baptist Union Church, I would think to many. However, though it will be a Baptist Church it will not be a Baptist Union Church. That has been clear in all other forms of communication thus far.
This church plant is being planted out of Grace Baptist Church in Christchurch which is also not a BU church and has come about by the initiative of those who live in Rolleston and have been conducting various ministries in Rolleston for more than two years (one of the families as lived in Rolleston for 15+ years).
Again, I sincerely regret the title given to my column this month. It would not have chosen that as a title. I will also say the editor would not have meant to communicate any offence. This is just a genuine mistake.
It is not my desire or any of us involved in this church to cause offence or confusion in this way.

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