Holding Firm to the Confession of Our Faith – New PM Series at Howick Baptist Church

11 Feb

This Sunday evening we will begin new series at Howick Baptist Church.

“Holding Firm to the Confession of Our Faith” Taking our cue from Jude 3, we plan to spend the first two terms (at least) looking at those doctrines which are essential to Biblical Christianity (Scripture, God, Trinity, Christ, Salvation, Hell, etc.) asking the questions: “What does the Bible say on this subject/doctrine?”; “How can we clearly summarise this truth?”; ”Why is it important for us to understand this and hold firmly to it?” Our goal is to cover one area of doctrine per night therefore, not exhausting the subject but providing a clear, succinct overview.


Like the roots of a strong, healthy tree which grow deep and wide, it is the depth and breadth of our doctrinal confession that provides us as individual Christians and a church health, strength, and stability.

You will be able to find all the material (MP3 recordings, PDF Notes, links to articles, recommended books, etc.) associated with this series on this page. (More will be added each week as we progress.)



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