A Month of Reading Books Recommended by My Wife

23 Jan

From 23 Dec 2013 – 20 Jan 2014 I went offline or at least off Social Media (blogs, FaceBook, Twitter, etc.).

Though I am back to blogging a bit I am still only wading back into the Social Media world slowly. I may write more on this later.

Another thing I did during that month was commit to my wife that I would only read books over this month which she wanted me to read.

I am ashamed to admit I have never done this before. Worse yet, one of these books is a book she has wanted me to read for years and I have only just read it.

By God’s grace, I pray this will not be the last time I do this and that I will respond much more quickly the next time she asks me to read a book.

The first book is by my wife’s favorite author and, probably the favorite of her books. (I can’t begin to count how many copies of this book she has given away over the past several years.)

Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss.

Paperback can be purchased here.

A very nice cloth bound edition (which I read) can be purchased here:

This books is written in the form of a diary of a young teen/pre-teen girl who has grown up in a Christian home and traces her life through courtship, marriage, the birth (and death) of her children, up to near her death.

I have never read a book like it. Partly because the only books on females I have read before are historical biographies and even then only a couple. But even more due to the nature of the content.

This is a book describing the struggles of a normal Christian throughout life seeking to trust God, love Christ, and grow in godliness. The author vividly and accurately pictures the ups and downs of a Christians’ life as they strive toward heaven walking each step under in the strength God supplies through His Spirit.

What is surprising is how the author writes with such rich theology, solid doctrine and, scriptural clarity.

I really cannot recommend this book more highly.

The second book I read was written by the above author’s father:

Sermons for Christian Families by Edward Payson

This is, as the title states, a collection of sermons on the life of the Christian family.

Firstly after reading this it is no wonder his daughter was able to write such a book as Stepping Heavenward.

I will say, as a committed Baptist, I found the first few sermons which were focused on a defense for seeing our children as part of the New Covenant weak and less helpful.

However, the rest of the book was tremendously helpful as Payson aptly handled the Scriptures in calling parents (myself) back to the God-given, life-long, challenging/yet joyful task of rearing our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Lastly I just finished Hints on Child-Training by H Clay Trumbull.

This is a book I wish I would have read 12+ years ago. Simple, clear, practical, common (but not so common) sense direction on training our children.

This is not a book that is full of Scripture references or even tries to tie every “tip” to a Bible verse. Yet, the author is clearly writing from a biblically informed worldview, understanding of children, and parenting.

With all seriousness, I am not aware of another book on parenting more practically helpful!

I’ve had a great month of reading. More than that, a great month of benefiting from my wife’s input through book recommendations into my life.

I recommend each of these books. Even more, I recommend listening your wife’s suggestions!

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