What I Read Online – 11/19/2013 (p.m.)

20 Nov
    • Critical thinking and imaginative selfcontrol are obviously essential things to give to young readers. We should want to raise children with the ability to resist an author and a narrative, to laugh, criticize, and dismiss folly, no matter how hard a storyteller might be working to feed them falsehood. But the first step is to establish their tastes in truth with stories that will root their instincts and loyalties in goodness and beauty. Feed them narratives that love the lovely and honor the honorable. Let them wander Narnia and Middle-earth and be edified and strengthened and inspired. Give them a strong foundation and stubborn taste. When it comes to story, there’s nothing wrong with being a picky eater.
    • For each hymn there is a page of information that may include a description of the hymn, a brief biography of the author or composer, and information for worship leaders such as performance suggestions and available arrangements.

      The search box allows you to search for hymns by first line, author, composer, topic, or scripture passages quoted or alluded to. A handy keypad lets you jump immediately to a hymn by number.

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