What I Read Online – 11/15/2013 (a.m.)

15 Nov
    •  We have here a fundamental difference with the paedobaptist understanding of the Abrahamic Covenant. The aforementioned placed the natural and spiritual posterities of Abraham in the same Covenant of Grace; the first inheriting only physical blessings of the covenant and the second benefiting also from the spiritual privileges. Coxe affirmed that it was not so. This is why he declares that since the Scriptures formally distinguished between the two posterities, one could not mix both up under the same covenant without compromising important doctrines.


      This understanding was vigorously affirmed amongst all Particular Baptist theologians and characterized their federalism from its origin. Spilsbury writes, “There was in Abraham at that time a spirituall seed and a fleshly seed. Between which seeds God ever distinguished through all their Generations.” *

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    •  For a dozen or so years our daughter, Gina, suffered unspeakably from more maladies and on more levels — physical and otherwise — than I could begin adequately to explain. The infection that ravished her central nervous system, the years of sleeplessness, the constant nausea, the passing out and the many falls and concussions that came as a result, the severe and relentless headache pain, the haunting hallucinations, the struggles with confusion, the blood clots, the systemic infections, and so very much more, all in the extreme, made her life the most severely agonized I have ever witnessed. Amazingly — yet true to form — she found moments of laughter almost daily, and we delighted in her company even while hurting for her. But the suffering became increasingly severe on so many fronts. And as we watched her suffer, how we prayed, often in despair, that God would deliver her from it all.


      About three years ago he did. In a dramatic and miraculous moment the disease was gone, and for a short while it seemed her life had been returned to her. But further setbacks were to follow. The suffering again became intense and unspeakable. Until finally, on Thursday, October 31, it was all over. Forever. Gina is now with the Lord.

    • At its core, insecurity is the fruit of pride.
    • there are many more Bible verses and fewer historical rabbit trails than in many systematic texts. Frame wants to understand what the Bible teaches, always with an aim to worship and application.
    • It remains to be seen where Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Christian Belief, will prove to be another Hodge, Berkhof, or Bavinck, but what is clear is that John Frame has written a faithful, doxological theology that will be read by many pastors, many students, and many Christians for many years to come.

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