Brief Thoughts on Disney’s “Planes”

15 Nov

No, my main aim isn’t to moan about the fact that I fell for the campaign which led me to believe this was a Pixar movie when, in fact, it was not! (Oddly, I am relieved to know it wasn’t as my immediate thoughts after the movie were, “it just did not measure up to the quality of story, etc. that we’ve come to expect from Pixar”).

No, my main aim is to encourage Christian parents to think carefully about the worldview taught in this film. It teaches a very dangerous & subtle anti-God worldview.

The main character states near the beginning of the film (and everyone else repeats this at the end) that he wants to “be something more than he was created for”. This of course makes for a fun story of a crop-duster doing the impossible and becoming a flying speed champion.

But hold on a minute. This isn’t just a fun movie; the makers of the movie are communicating a worldview. A worldview where one can rebel against one’s creator and all goes well.

So, if you were created to be a boy but want to be something else go for it, “be more than you were created for.”

My main problem isn’t in me, it is either “out there somewhere” or in how I was made, so if I can change, alter or fix that all will be well.

No, my main problem is in me. I was created “to glorify God and enjoy Him forever”. There is nothing greater than that for me and the only thing keeping me from this is my sin. The only remedy for this is to turn from my sin and turn to Christ for forgiveness and mercy. He will then give me all I need to find my satisfaction in Him and truly be all God has created me to be.


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