What I Read Online – 11/12/2013 (a.m.)

12 Nov
    • A still-young D.A. Carson, today the intellectual standard-bearer of New Covenant Theology, also spoke.
    • However, the original and enduring visible difference between Reformed Baptists and other Calvinistic Baptists has been on the practice of Sabbath. 
    • It is important to note that the non-sabbatarianism of the Sovereign Grace movement was not quite the same thing as the anti-sabbatarianism of the New Covenant movement
    • From the point of view of the child, family worship was where a lot of our spiritual training was done. It was there that we learnt to memorise scripture. It was there that we learnt to pray.  It was there where our questions were answered. Family worship was also where we learnt to grow together in faith. When our family went through its Great Theological Change from a Dispensational Arminian side to the ‘Covenantal’ Reformed side, family worship was where we developed a lot of our understanding.
    • It is possible for readers to look at a post like this and feel discouraged, thinking that achieving something like this is beyond their reach. In reality, the only reason our story may look alright is because the luxury of looking back over 20 years allows one to overlook many of the failures.  Readers do not see our everyday irritations and moods. Moreover, our adherence to any structure, order, or schedule has been and still is woefully inadequate. So, far from discouraging you, let our family’s case be an example of the grace of God to you.

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