What I Read Online – 11/05/2013 (a.m.)

05 Nov
    • During the same period that the American Reformed Baptist movement was in its infancy, a resurgence of interest in Reformed doctrine and the writing of the Puritans was underway in Great Britain.  The Reformed Baptists were the natural allies of the British renewal.  Unlike the Orthodox Presbyterians but very much like the men whose energy was driving the Banner of Truth Trust, American Reformed Baptists were discovering truths long lost and had all the enthusiasm of that discovery.  We have already seen how the Carlisle, Pennsylvania church became the focal point of Banner’s business in the New World.
    • On the opening night of the conference, a thunderstorm knocked out the church’s power.  Men had naturally begun to move about and speak when they realized that Lloyd-Jones had not paused in his delivery.  The preacher who had endured the Blitz without comment saw little need to pay heed to storms.  (Iain Murray gives more detail on the Carlisle visit in David Martyn Lloyd-Jones, the Fight of Faith 1939-1981 Amazon.)
    • For now, however, allow me to suggest five ways in which a “Reformed” Baptist Church will differ from an evangelical church which, for the moment at least, has embraced some measure of a Calvinistic view of salvation.
    • Confessional
    • Covenantal
    • Cessationist
    • Regulative in Worship
    • Sabbath-keeping
    • I think I have just become tired of the whole grace-lit genre.  And I am tired of meeting people who talk so much about grace and yet seem to exhibit so little of it in their own lifes.  People who think that Gods grace gives them freedom from religion, freedom to love themselves and freedom to just keep getting things wrong (which is kind of true) and yet who can’t seem to grant that freedom to anyone else.  They are incredibly sensitive, get easily hurt and are all to ready to complain about the lack of grace in others.
    • Secondly I am concerned about the commercialisation of the Gospel.  The US Church has many strengths which we in the UK can learn from.  But one of its greatest weaknesses is the way that almost everything gets turned into a product to be marketed and sold
    • Some people think that if there is one style of music that God hates and calls unclean, it must be rap. But lots of Christians love rap, even though they know it’s associated with sin and rebellion.


      Does God have issues with rap? Is it OK for Christians to love it?


      Believe it or not, the Bible does speak to this subject. Check it out.

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