What I Read Online – 10/30/2013 (p.m.)

31 Oct
    • “It’s striking that Paul regards ‘divisiveness’ as those who depart from sound doctrine.”
    • “Scripture is the norming norm, creeds are the normed norm.”
    • “Awareness of our beliefs creates security in our stance.”
    • “If you don’t write your creeds, no one can critique them. Creeds strip us of magisterial authority.”
    • “Notice – no creed has the words ‘we just’”
    • “We all operate from a tradition, whether we acknowledge it or not. Some write it down, others don’t.”
    • “The love of God does not find but creates that which is lovely to it.”
    • “Human marriage begins in joy and ends in heartbreak. Divine marriage begins with heartbreak and ends in joy.”
    • “Doctrinal understanding and love work together, as does knowledge of our spouse and love for our spouse. If your doctrine is dry, you’re not getting it.”
    • “It was a great tragedy that Luther and Zwingli did not come to an agreement on the Lord’s Supper. But it would have been a greater tragedy if they had agreed to disagree because it ‘just wasn’t important.’

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