What I Read Online – 10/24/2013 (a.m.)

24 Oct
    • You can overcome this communication barrier by using word pictures that the unplugged church member can understand. A helpful illustration that we have encouraged people to use is to compare the church website to the building where your congregation meets. Explain that most people will visit the church online before they visit the church offline. So if your church invests money into maintaining or improving the look and feel of your brick-and-mortar meeting space, they need to understand that an unkept, outdated website is similar to chipping paint, crumbling concrete, stained carpet, and a leaking roof on your physical building.
    • Teenager Ethan Metzger tells the Bronx Youth Poetry Slam what he responded when told his parents brainwashed him.
    • And yet Wright has also been responsible for popularizing one of the most dangerous and devastating redefinitions of justification by faith in history, a distortion that is continuing to wreak havoc in churches and in individual lives.
    • I started out this post inclining towards #3. But as I close, I’m inclining to #2. Much though I’d love more Psalm-singing, you don’t need to be a Psalm-singer to get to heaven. But go wrong on justification by faith, and the consequences are terrifying.
    • We Must Approach the Bible With Eager Expectation
    • Be Prepared to Study the Word Deeply
    • Be Confident That You Are Able to Study the Bible and Discover the Truth of God’s Word
    • Recognize That Some Things Which Claim to Be From the Bible Are Not

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