What I Read Online – 10/23/2013 (a.m.)

23 Oct
    • It reminds us of suffering Christians all over the world
    • It reminds us of what we deserve
    • It reminds us to prepare for trouble and trial
    • It reminds us to bring all our troubles to the Lord
    • It reminds us of Jesus Christ
    • “According to the Christian conception,” he wrote, “a creed is not a mere expression of Christian experience, but on the contrary it is a setting forth of those facts upon which experience is based.”
    • The lesson Evangelicals should learn from this new dust-up over evangelical theology and modernity is that sola scriptura is necessary but not sufficient for maintaining theological orthodoxy. Only a “single-source” view of scripture and tradition in which hermeneutical authority is given to the mutual interplay of Scripture and orthodox community—the method that the church practiced for most of Christian history—can protect evangelical theology from going the way of all flesh, to liberal Protestantism.

    • Post-conservatives claim conservative Evangelicals elevate tradition—both evangelical tradition and early church tradition—above Scripture. But Great Tradition Evangelicals say they want to submit their individual interpretations of Scripture to those of the wider and longer orthodox church, and interpret Scripture by thinking with the Great Tradition.
    • This is what can be called nuda scriptura—the idea that the Bible is self-interpreting, needing only the Christian individual to make sense of it. In contrast, Martin Luther’s sola scriptura used the great creeds to fight for the primacy of Scripture over late medieval tradition.
    • “According to the Christian conception,” he wrote, “a creed is not a mere expression of Christian experience, but on the contrary it is a setting forth of those facts upon which experience is based.”
    • The work of preaching is daily. It’s a bread-and-water kind of daily. It’s an oxygen kind of daily. It’s a war kind of daily. The words in this book moved me to prayer. To ask that preachers be raised up. To pray that my preacher-husband not fall silent. To plead for the Spirit’s power.
    • A Conversation with Sinclair B. Ferguson
    • Listen to the Sermon With an Open Bible
    • Don’t Rush On From the Word of God to the Rest of Your Life
    • There is a great danger every Sunday that we would be stirred and not changed
    • Get In the Word as a Way of Life
    • Bragging is an integral part of your social media presence. I trust this little guide will prove helpful as you humbly brag about all the good things you are, all the great things you have, all the excellent things you’ve done.
    • “A joy shared is a joy doubled.” I’ve always been someone who enjoys sharing the things that I find personally edifying and interesting.
    • Be honest Pastor Mark, you did not happen to be in town. You were in Long Beach… A trip of over 40 miles on one of America’s most congested freeways. You did not just happen to be in the neighborhood with a reporter and photographer. The only time I see scheming in the scriptures, it does not have positive connotations. Those that are associated with scheming are not ones with which we want to be aligning ourselves. But again, this is my interpretation of what was going on. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Maybe you always have a reporter and photographer with you.
    • I noticed that immediately when you were called out and confronted, you became very active on your social media sites, in turn, burying what you had said far below the news feeds. You have yet to come clean.
    • Pastor Mark, you are a man who claims to speak as a man of God, and as a pastor-in-training, I look for examples to follow. When a leader behaves like a child and buries his sin, the example that you set is far from what I see as godly and certainly not one that I want to emulate. Many have already alluded to the irony of the conference you were speaking being called “Act Like Men,” and questioned the authority you have to speak on such a subject, when you remind us of a boy in High School pulling a prank with little discretion and grave consequences

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