What I Read Online – 10/16/2013 (a.m.)

16 Oct
    • But now what has to be the case if we are going to posit a “cause” of the universe? That “cause” could not be in time and space, because then it would be as much a part of the universe as you and I are, and could not then cause it to be. So whatever “cause” of the universe there is would have to transcend the universe itself, including time and space.
       So if there is a cause to the universe, it cannot be bound by time or space. It must, in that case, be both eternal and infinite.
    • These claims, found in the Gospels, shock our postmodern sensibilities. Jesus, the only way? How exclusive! And how rude! There’s only about one thing most people outside the Christian community agree on when it comes to Jesus: He is not actually Lord, in the sense of being God incarnate and the ultimate Decider of our eternal destinies.
    • What is at stake? Only life and death. Nothing more. This is why sub-biblical portraits of Jesus are so problematic
    • “Yes son, we know that you don’t know how to love, and that is exactly why you need Jesus so much.”
    • If we only remind people of our acceptance before God we will flatten the contours of Scripture and wind up being poor physicians of souls.
    • I have no problem acknowledging that sin is always an expression of unbelief. But there are a lot of God’s promises I can disbelieve at any moment. Justification by grace alone through faith alone is not the only indicative I can doubt. I can disbelieve God’s promise to judge the wicked or his promise to come again or his promise to give me an inheritance or his promise to turn everything to my good. These are all precious promises, each one a possible remedy for indwelling sin. To remind each other of justification is never a wrong answer. It is a precious remedy, but it is not the only one.
    • People often cry out for the work of the Holy Spirit and yet forget that when the Holy Spirit works, there is always tremendous cost to the people of God-weariness and tears and battles. (p. 73).
    • Our chosen big cheese has only to press the ‘publish’ button or produce another book and – on the assumption that his (or, indeed, her) unmatched insight and wisdom is once more on display – we immediately begin uncritically to consume the latest offering

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