What I Read Online – 10/10/2013 (a.m.)

10 Oct
    • Start slow. This isn’t a lack of leadership, it is actually leadership in action. Get to know your people and give them the opportunity to get to know you. And then boldly lead them in the vision you and the elders of the church believe God has given.
    • In a word, don’t be a bottom feeder. Bird-dog the footnotes! Chase them down! Don’t rely exclusively on the work of others to familiarize you with the great theological works. Dive in, read, mark, learn, and encourage others to do the same. Start a book club where you read great theological classics, like Augustine’s Confessions or Luther’s Bondage of the Will. And if you’re a pastor, focus on reading deep. Rather than read the latest book by Tim Keller, peruse the footnotes and find out what Tim Keller is reading, pick it up, and read it!
    • Of course we should all reject the modern notion that a loving spirit involves the suppression of truth, but what I find I have had my fill of is persons who profess love while redefining me with half-truths and, at times, outright lies. 
    • However, when the misrepresentations and crass bullying come from respected ministers and professors, matters have reached another level altogether.  Men who make it their habit to harass their fellow believers desperately need the counsel and admonition of those whom they respect.  If they will not correct their behavior, they ought to be called out publicly.
    • Young men are brash by nature
    • In the theological realm, this certainly means that young men need to learn to restrain themselves in controversy.  All of us have no doubt witnessed young men in our own traditions who speak too loosely about other believers. 
    • Perhaps that is why the pastor whose theology has recently changed is such an unsuitable person to discuss the differences.
    • No Calvinist is so brutal in his assessment of Arminianism as the recent Calvinist.  It is why Calvinistic Baptists have begun to speak of “Cage Stage Calvinists” whose zeal for the cause is so strong that they are better off locked in a cage for a few years
    • The ex-Baptists always have so much to tell us about ourselves, and it is astounding how often they fail to properly identify our thoughts, our practices, or our confessional commitments.
    • we ought to be praying for the safety, the sanctification, the spiritual blessing, and the spread of one another’s churches.
    • mutual prayer would go a great way toward smoothing our discourse. 
    • The other Baptists and I were treated with respect and kindness.  Of course they tried to convince us of their position.  I would have worried about them if they had not; they were, after all, theological professors.  However, their arguments – if passionate – were never hot-tempered, derogatory, or demeaning in any way.  We were learning that disputes among genuine Christians need not be brawls.
    • But with Piper and – though in another sense – with MacArthur came the rise of what is now called “the New Calvinism.”  This movement is Calvinistic in soteriology, baptistic in ecclesiology, non-covenantal in its hermeneutic, and non-confessional in its standards.  It is therefore quite different from Reformed Baptist life, which has been defined by a modified covenantal hermeneutic and a stricter confessionalism even than that of some Presbyterians.
    • Soon the raging Presbyterian bulls had identified a term to summarize all that is wrong with the New Calvinism: “Baptist.”
    • But Trueman is subject to the same temptation as any provocateur: he can easily become hostage to his own reputation.  Known for his sharp tongue, he is expected to turn that weapon on everyone with whom he disagrees
    • My honest hope is that Trueman can be recalled from the cliff of sectarianism.  We have lost too much ground in the struggle to retain some level of decorum among Christians.  A man of Trueman’s evident intellect ought to be able to disagree with us on a basis of honesty and understanding.  If he wishes to do so, I am sure he knows that we will respond in kind.  His performance last week, though, was clownish, and it fully deserved to be rejected with levity.
    • “The simplest explanation for why men view pornography (or solicit prostitutes) is that they are driven to seek out sexual intimacy,” he explains. The urge for sexual intimacy is God-given and essential to the male, he acknowledges, but it is easily misdirected. Men are tempted to seek “a shortcut to sexual pleasure via pornography,” and now find this shortcut easily accessed.
    • In a fallen world, pornography becomes more than a distraction and a distortion of God’s intention for human sexuality. It comes as an addictive poison.
    • Sinners naturally look for fig leaves to hide sin, and biological causation is often cited as a means of avoiding moral responsibility. Struthers does not allow this, and his view of pornography is both biblical and theologically grounded. He lays responsibility for the sin of viewing pornography at the feet of those who willingly consume explicit images. He knows his audience—after all, his classrooms are filled with young male college students. The addict is responsible for his addiction.
    • If we get good data from Voyager 2 when it reaches the same distance from the sun, we will probably learn that like most of creation, the edge of our solar system is significantly more complex than we originally thought. Even if we don’t get good data from Voyager 2, the fact is that we have learned an enormous amount from both of the Voyager spacecraft. When you include the fact that we are still learning from them more than 35 years after they were launched, the result is an incredible feat of science and engineering!
    • this provides open times for them to go and visit widows and take their children with them at a time that is convenient.
    • One the greatest gifts you can give an elderly widow is to take a child with you to visit them.
    • Elderly widows appreciate care from anyone in the church, but they seem to love to be especially cared for by other younger women
    • On the flip side, these interactions provide an opportunity for a young mom to potentially gain wise instruction from an older mom. 
    • Stay at home moms, you play a most important role and don’t allow anyone to demean this noble, God-honoring calling
    • I want to guard my children from seeing or experiencing what they don’t know exists
    • I want to prevent them from seeing or experiencing what they may desire once they learn that it exists
    • I want my devices to remain useable
    • I want to train my children to use the Internet and their devices responsibly
    • I cannot completely protect my children
    • I do not believe that, at least for now, our children have the right to privacy on their devices
      • Do people understand more of God’s mercy because of the way I respond to their mistakes?

      • Do people understand more of God’s holiness because of my high ethical standards?

      • Do people understand more of God’s patience because of the time I give to grow and develop?

      • Do people understand more of God’s truthfulness because of the way I communicate honestly?

      • Do people understand more of God’s faithfulness because they see me keep my promises?

      • Do people understand more of God’s kindness because of the tone of my voice?

      • Do people understand more of God’s love because I go out of my way to help and serve them as I lead?

      • Do people understand more of God’s grace because I avoid being harsh and unreasonably demanding?

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