What I Read Online – 10/08/2013 (p.m.)

09 Oct
    • Equip 2014 runs from 8:30am on Monday 6 January to 1pm on Friday 10 January, and is held in the township of Kaiapoi, just north of Christchurch.


      Strand 1 to 3 registration fees are $165.00 for day visitors, $220.00 for camping, $240.00 for bunkroom accommodation and $370.00 for motel accommodation. Other fees apply for leaders (and children). Please note that if you are only coming for the evening talks, you do not need to register (there is no cost for this).

    • Blue posters and a banner advertising a lecture on “Homosexuality and Christianity,” a lecture that will be given by Dr. Rosario Butterfield, a self-proclaimed former “leftist lesbian” professor at Syracuse University who became heterosexual after becoming a devout Christian. 
    • “It’s a big deal because by USF allowing (the speaker) to preach some kind of hateful and discriminatory message, they are implicitly condoning that it is OK and that they are going to stand for that kind of speech and actions, when the university is everything against that,” she said. 
    • To engage in a Pauline style boast, I was making the point that we need to sing psalms long before male grooming products and skinny jeans became mission statements.
    • As a postscript, do pray for Kent and Rosaria Butterfield.  The latter will be speaking at USF this week.   Pray for safety, for courage in the face of opposition and for opportunities to speak the truth in love.  You can read more about the event and get a taste of the likely opposition here
    • Family worship doesn’t save; only Jesus can do that. But I’m convinced by the Scriptures that this practice of coming together as a family to worship God in the home is sorely needed in our homes today. In the same way we come together for a time of corporate worship in the church, we should also come together in the home for a time of family worship that involves prayer, reading Scripture, and singing songs — praying that over time, God would use it to awaken the gospel in the next generation.
    • “Now I know not anything that will contribute more to the furtherance of this good work than the bringing of family religion more into practice and reputation. Here the reformation must begin.

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