The Kindness of the Lord Shown through His People and Shopping for a Car with a Double Bass

02 Oct

We purchased our green van, second-hand before arriving in NZ seven years ago. It has served us well. We were able to purchase this (our first vehicle purchase since being married) out of the proceeds from the sale of our home in the States. We bought it from the same folks whose house we were renting as they were moving to the States to attend seminary. It was a blessing to arrive in New Zealand with a vehicle ready to go. We have driven this thing all over the North Island, clocking well over 100,000 kms in those seven years and we were, at least, the third owners.

Yet, it was truly falling apart!

Due to the Lord’s provision, through the kindness of His people, this week we were able to purchase a “new” second-hand van/wagon – purple this time! 

My wife plays the double bass! As a result our vehicle requirements are quite specific. We need something which has room for the bass in the back and all three children! This eliminates a lot of options. We’re probably the only family to go car shopping with a double bass to ensure it (along with our three children) would fit before committing to buy!  We are so very thankful we found something that meets our needs and fit our budget.

The Lord has kindly provided for us with more than we could ask or think. As is His usual method, He has done this through the kindness and generosity of His people who have assisted us, making this purchase possible.

We are very thankful to the Lord and His people.

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Posted by on 02/10/2013 in Family, Fun, Ministry, New Zealand


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