Sermon Transcripts

02 Oct

A friend is experimenting with transcribing sermons. He has taken one of mine as a test-case and given it a go. He tells me, it took him about 4 hours to transcribe a 35 minute sermon resulting in about 4,800 words!

I have created a new page on my blog: Sermon Transcripts with this sermon as the first listed – God: The Perfection of Beauty.

Don’t expect heaps of these to pop up here any time soon. It is just something he is toying with, wondering if there would be a demand for something like this. I too am wondering how useful this would be for folks. If you have any thoughts feel free to share them here.


One response to “Sermon Transcripts

  1. couragetotremble

    02/10/2013 at 6:02 pm

    My sister in law, Vinotha Surendar, painstakingly transcribed all nine of Al Martin’s parting-words-of-counsel sermons, the last series he preached at Trinity as their pastor, in order to translate them into Tamil. If you would like to include them in your collection, let me know. Transcribing is a tedious job.


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