What I Read Online – 09/21/2013 (p.m.)

22 Sep
    • Mark this extraordinary expression, the wrath of the Lamb, that meekest and gentlest of all creatures; teaching us, that his former meekness and patience and suffering shall inflame and exasperate his future vengeance.


      Could I conduct you to the gates of the infernal prison, I am persuaded you will hear Judas Iscariot, and all the other treacherous disciples, crying out, “O that Christ had never come in the flesh! The thunders of Sinai would have been less terrible. The frowns of Jesus of Nazareth are insupportable. O the dreadful, painful, and uncommon wrath of a Saviour on the judgment seat!”


      The Lord speaks consolation to his own people, and pierce the hearts of his enemies, that they may be brought to repentance. (Sermon 6, The Love of Christ in Redemption)

    • No amount of formal theological training prepares a pastor to walk through a season like this.
    • I live in a fallen world where I can do everything right and things still go wrong.  I am convinced that our church did everything we could have done to vet this man and prepare him for spiritual leadership
    • I serve a sovereign God.  Of all the men God could have appointed to pastor this church during this awful event — he chose me.  This means I am the one shepherding through this for a reason.
    • I am a sheep.  Even before I am a shepherd of God’s sheep, I am a sheep of the Good Shepherd
    • I need other shepherds.  In the same way that God has designed no Lone Ranger Christians who need no church affiliation, He has also designed no Lone Ranger pastors who need no other pastors.

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