What I Read Online – 09/14/2013 (a.m.)

14 Sep
    • I love the part where Magic says, “We gave them the college guy. You can have Christian Laettner. We don’t want him; you can have him. A college kid can’t help you.” Ouch! Then Mike says, “It was about pride and a college kid couldn’t help either one of the teams.” Ooo… ouch again! It’s like they said, “Sit down, son, and let the grown men play.”
    • Does your church have a website that is easy to navigate?
    • That’s because in comparison to nearly every other major international carrier the U.S. companies charge the most money for the least service and treat you like you’re an inconvenience to them!
    • I think overall quality goes to Air New Zealand
    • All of these groups seem to assume that there is at least an underlying, if unspoken, definition of ‘human.’  I wonder what that definition is?   A fair reading of Millersville identity politics seems to indicate that rabbits, toadstools and ping-pong balls are excluded from these community groups.  But why? This would seem to me to be a bit of a power play on behalf of the political establishment.

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