What I Read Online – 09/06/2013 (p.m.)

07 Sep
    • Atheists get a hard time in these pages. Brendan O’Neill has called them “the most colossally smug and annoying people on the planet”, “with a mammoth superiority complex”. He’s called them “the kind of people who… spend their every tragic waking hour doing little more than mocking the faithful”, “teeth-grating”, “screechy” and “boring”. All very amusing, but not entirely fair. They are so much worse than that.
    • These atheists are starting to get spiritual
    • Here’s the problem: their substitutes are embarrassingly sterile. I’ve read “Religion for Atheists”, and can tell you that as a spiritual guide, de Botton offers as much opportunity for growth as a hard-boiled egg
    • Here’s the irony. De Botton and co are trying, scientifically, to construct a placebo. But scientifically, a placebo only works if you believe in it. Scientifically, religion is a much more effective placebo.
    • There’s something about the presence of a God that just makes it easier to control yourself.


      If religion’s the opiate of the masses, the new atheists want a hit. They’d just rather take it cut with baby powder.

    • “A vision gives life, and if there is no vision, the seeds of death are being sown and it is just a matter of time until death will prevail.”


      Harris Lee, Effective Church Leadership, 131.

    • In this site, we attempt to make good Christian material available to Tamil people in India and the Tamil diaspora around the world. To start with, we will concentrate on translating books, sermons, and articles from English. We will also focus some time on providing a doctrinally sound hymnal.


      In recent times, God is using several people from within and without India to bring doctrinal purity to the attention of Tamil believers. Our prayer is that this site too may be used of Him to play a small part in this big work. In addition to leading people to greater accuracy in Biblical matters, we pray that we may all be edified and built up in love and holiness without which no one will see the Lord.

    • This is the home of The Pacific Journal of Baptist Research (PJBR). PJBR is an open-access online journal which aims to provide an international vehicle for scholarly research and debate in the Baptist tradition, with a special focus on the Pacific region. However, topics are not limited to the Pacific region, and all subject matter potentially of significance for Baptist/Anabaptist communities will be considered. PJBR is especially interested in theological and historical themes, and preference will be given to articles on those themes. PJBR is published twice-yearly in May and November. Articles are fully peer-reviewed, with submissions sent to international scholars in the appropriate fields for critical review before being accepted for publication. The editor will provide a style guide on enquiry.

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