What I Read Online – 09/03/2013 (p.m.)

04 Sep
    • I am appalled at how this national leader, publicly claiming “an informed conscience and a Christian conscience”, misrepresented the Holy Book of the faith he confesses, on its teaching on one matter (slavery) to avoid its teaching on another matter (of marriage), in order to justify his abandonment of that biblical teaching.
    • Slavery is never once taught in Scripture as the natural condition. Rather, if you can gain your freedom, do so.


      I am deeply sorry to say it—and all the more in an election week—but our Prime Minister convicted the Bible on a trumped up charge. How sad for someone in high office, publicly professing the Christian faith.

    • I believe the church to be a fundamentally spiritual institution, with spiritual weapons and tools (word and sacraments).   I do not believe the church as an institution has a calling to be involved directly in political action.  But I do believe that as Christians hear the word each week and receive it by faith, as they grasp the significance of their baptism, as they take the Lord’s Supper, as they worship and fellowship with other believers, their characters are impacted and shaped; and that this will affect how they behave as members of civic society.   In short, they will be those whose faith informs how they think and behave as they go about their daily business in this world.   Christianity makes a difference — through the lives of the individual Christians pursuing their civic callings as Christians, not through the political posturing and lobbying of the church.
    • people like myself can certainly acknowledge with gratitude the good Christians have done in the public sphere over the centuries while still rejecting the idea that the church as an institution is called to militate for such changes from her pulpits week by week and to see social transformation as part of her institutional mission.

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