What I Read Online – 08/27/2013 (p.m.)

28 Aug
    • What are you learning about life and following Jesus?


      I am learning that doing things in my strength, even when I have the skill set to do them, is an act of traitorship against Christ.


      I am learning that the hospitality that matters can never be recompensed.


      I am learning that prayer must be constant and spontaneous.


      I am learning that neighborhood prayer walks nurture community, care, mercy work, and God’s holy name, refreshing me each time.


      I am learning that I love more and more to pour myself into my children, my church, my marriage, my neighborhood, and my homeschooling co-op.


    • 1. The Old Testament reveals Christ.


    • 2. The Old Testament is a dictionary of Christian vocabulary.


    • 3. The Old Testament is a manual for Christian living.


    • 4. The Old Testament presents doctrine in story form.


    • 5. The Old Testament comforts and encourages us.


    • 6. The Old Testament saves souls.


    • 7. The Old Testament makes you appreciate the New Testament more.


    • To state it negatively, a pastor’s wife’s ministry to her husband and family should not be regarded as nominal and diminishing in comparison to other opportunities to serve in the church.
    • 1. The commands to witness are given to all followers of Christ


    • 2. The example of “ordinary believers” in the early church


    • 3. The stewardship the gospel imposes on us.


    • 4. The “work of ministry” in Ephesians 4.


    • Pastors, we can say to our people with confidence, “you are called to be a witness for Christ in both word and deed.” As leaders, let us challenge other believers not only with our exhortations but also with our example.[5] And let us take great confidence in the gospel, “for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek” (Rom. 1:16).


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