What I Read Online – 08/23/2013 (p.m.)

24 Aug
    • 1. Cultivate Personal Spiritual Disciplines


    • 1. Cultivate Personal Spiritual Disciplines


    • 2. Submit to Your Professors


    • 2. Submit to Your Professors


    • 3. Practice Self-Control 


    • 4. Be Wise with Your Time 


    • 5. Pursue Excellence 


    • 6. Stay Focused


    • Russell Moore’s recent tweet: “I am just stunned by parents who give their pre-teen children iPhones and iPads with unrestricted Internet access
    • We rightly claim that pornography is an addiction, but we don’t seem to be challenging the dealers of this drug. Who are these dealers? Parents. Parents who foolishly give their teens (and pre-teens) free rein with their smartphones and by doing so have invited the world into their child’s bedroom each night.
    • Whether or not you bought your teens their phones or if you pay their monthly bill, you are still in authority over them, and you need to exercise that authority for the glory of God.
    • Tell your teens why you are placing certain restrictions on their phone, talk to them about the various idols of their heart, and use this time as an opportunity to communicate the gospel
    • The crowd was young, beautiful and, it seemed, unattached. I saw almost no one over 40, and none had brought children
    • Damazio began a short, chatty sermon about the importance of loving oneself, and God, unconditionally that I think could have charitably been described as accessible, maybe less charitably as lightweight — and which at the time seemed pretty nice to me. It ended with “Can I get an amen?”

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