What I Read Online – 08/21/2013 (a.m.)

21 Aug
    • In this wonderful volume, Currid tackles the question of the relationship between the OT and ANE literature from one particular angle, namely how the OT writers often engage with the surrounding ANE world in a polemical fashion.  The OT writers use ANE literature to be sure.  But that is not because they are adopting it, but because they are often arguing against it.
    • The corresponding NT lectures are by Craig Blomberg (about 4 hours, 40 min.) and Tom Schreiner (about 4 hours, 15 min.). It’s good stuff, but in these recordings Miles Van Pelt is more engaging.
    • Here’s Jesus defending himself from the Bible, and he’s not making his point from the Torah or from one of the lofty passages in Isaiah. He’s making his case from one word in an obscure Psalm. And he doesn’t have to prove to anyone that Psalm 82 is authoritative. Jesus doesn’t try to convince his opponents that “Scripture cannot be broken.” He merely asserts the truth as a common ground they can all agree on. Down to the individual words and the least heralded passages, anything from Scripture possessed, for Jesus, unquestioned authority.
    • Inerrancy means the word of God always stands over us and we never stand over the word of God
    • Submission to the Scriptures is submission to God, and rebellion against the Scriptures is rebellion against God
    • It was incredibly difficult. It was overwhelming even to contemplate leaving a place and work that I so dearly love (and people who love me far, far beyond my deserving), and to take up so weighty a calling. I have served First Presbyterian Church for over 17 years, almost a tenth of her 176 years of history. My children were born, baptized, catechized, professed faith, and first communed here. They love this church. I entered into a season of serious reflection, sought wise counsel, and asked the Lord to show me the way forward. This has been the most difficult vocational decision that I have ever had to make
    • We are evangelical, Reformed, confessional, complementarian, and happy. We are Gospel-animated.
    • In short, there is really no such thing as ‘the Christian worldview’ in the singular; there is rather a variety of Christian worldviews.  There may be a small core of beliefs that bind all Christians together; but that core is surely too small to provide anything approaching a comprehensive view of the world; and none of those few beliefs stand in ultimate isolation from the bigger doctrinal complex that is Christianity as we are taught it and believe it as individuals and as members of specific communions.
    • the lack of proportion between the rhetoric of some of today’s transformationalists compared to what they are actually achieving is really rather embarrassing. 

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