What I Read Online – 08/15/2013 (p.m.)

16 Aug
    • I was struck by his account of Abraham Kuyper.  Here was a (probable) genius and (definite) workaholic who had at his personal disposal a university, a newspaper and a denomination, and also held the highest political office in his land.  We might also throw in to the mix that he did this at a time when European culture was far more sympathetic to broadly Christian concerns than that of the USA today.   And Kuyper failed to effect any lasting transformation of society.   Just visit Amsterdam today, if you can bear the pornographic filth even in those areas where the lights are not all red.
    • But the culture is not being transformed at any point where it really counts, where it makes a real difference for pastors and people on the increasingly mean streets of the secular world as they seek to be quietly and peacefully faithful to the Lord.  If anything, it is accelerating in the wrong direction.
    • Surely it is time to become realistic.  It is time to drop the cultural elitism that poses as significant Christian transformation of culture but only really panders to nothing more than middle class tastes and hobbies.  It is time to look again at the New Testament’s teaching on the church as a sojourning people where here we have no lasting home.  The psalms of lament teach us that it is only when we have realistic horizons of expectation will we be able to stand firm against what is coming.  If we do  not understand that now, we are going to be sorely disappointed in the near future.

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