What I Read Online – 08/13/2013 (a.m.)

13 Aug
    • Put simply, Reformed folks love to read.  Or at least should.
    • Maintaining the rich intellectual and theological heritage of the Reformed faith is going to require ministers who are thinkers.  And thinkers are people who read.
    • Many would-be pastors fill up their lives with administration or study so that they have little time for the people of the flock
    • We cannot know the condition of our flock or minister effectively to them without carefully doing the work of family visitation.
    • First, we must organize our churches for this work
    • The minister needs as well to enlist and train the elders in this work.
    • He systematically worked through the parish annually. We too should divide our congregations into groups for elder oversight.
    • I suggest that if your ministry does not include systematic family visitation, you are neglecting an important means of grace
    • I married a creative. She loves painting, crafts and photography.


      I am about as straight laced and type “A” as they come. I love to read, write and there is not an artistic or creative bone in my body.

    • Current controversy over the nature of Christ’s atonement for sin points to a truth many younger evangelicals may not know, i.e., the substitutionary nature of Christ’s death on the cross was a major issue in the Conservative Resurgence that took place within the Southern Baptist Convention in the last quarter of the twentieth century.
    • Humphreys insisted again and again that he accepted all that the New Testament reveals about the work of Christ. Nevertheless, he stood by his proposal of a non-biblical model of the atonement as presented in The Death of Christ. Humphreys’s proposed model of “cruciform forgiveness” was, he acknowledged, not explicitly stated in the Bible, but drawn from the model of human relationships.
    • the centrality of substitution and the fact, as Patterson rightly insisted, that all other understandings of the cross in the Bible are themselves dependent on penal substitution.

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