What I Read Online – 08/10/2013 (p.m.)

11 Aug
    • The longer the senior pastor serves, the longer the transition needs to be
    • Churches who love their current senior pastor need plenty of time and opportunity to develop affection for the man who will replace him
    • Transition plans need to be established, communicated in detail to the entire church, and faithfully followed
    • A long-term senior pastor must take the leadership for this, and he needs to talk about it long before it happens
    • Suppose we think of a man made of water in an infinitely extended and bottomless ocean of water.


      Desiring to get out of water, he makes a ladder of water.


      He sets this ladder upon the water and against the water and then attempts to climb out of the water.


      So hopeless and senseless a picture must be drawn of the natural man’s methodology based as it is upon the assumption that time or chance is ultimate. On his assumption his own rationality is a product of chance. On his assumption even the laws of logic which he employs are products of chance. The rationality and purpose that he may be searching for are still bound to be products of chance.

    • The number of years spent on the job. The more experience you have the more likely you are to love your work.
    • Then work hard.
    • The conversation is difficult because it moves back and forth between our identity as individuals and as group members.
    • The conversation is difficult because there are facts, and there are interpretations of facts, and both are important.
    • Sometimes I grasp the perspectives of my black brothers and sisters. Other times, I just can’t. I try, but I cannot enter all the way into their shoes. It’s analogous to how I can feel with my wife. My experience is not hers. We need to continue seeking shared ethnic understanding—political, spiritual, moral, cultural—just like I must seek to live with my wife in an understanding way. But this topic requires vast measures of humility. Generations of accumulated sin and sinful responses to sin make it difficult to see clearly.
    • The “fix” just might be found more through relationships than through discussions about race.
    • Mature people are quick to listen and slow to speak. Mature people assume the best in the other person
      • In the church alone can we simultaneously affirm these two points:



        1. God created people as both different and good.

        3. Those differences hold absolutely no weight in our standing or rank relative to one another, since our worthiness depends on something outside of us—on the worthiness of Christ.

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