What I Read Online – 08/09/2013 (a.m.)

09 Aug
    • The most basic problem is that the childfree life does not take God into account—God the Creator and giver of all gifts, including the gift of life. The Time article is all about children as a human choice; the Bible speaks about children as gifts of God (Ps. 127:3).
    • Nor does the childfree life take into account God the Redeemer—the merciful God who sent his Son our Savior, born of a woman. Every one of us sinful, self-absorbed human beings needs the mercy of this God who saves his people generation after generation, as babies are born and the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ is passed on and on. It has worked this way since God created the first husband and wife and told them to multiply and fill the earth. (Ah—the Bible reminds us that men, especially potential fathers, need to be heard! This is not just a woman’s issue.) Children are God’s merciful means of growing his redeemed people, generation after generation, in all the nations of the world. They are infinitely worthy of labor and care—not only of the women who bear them but of all God’s people, not one of whom lives childfree. All men and women of God are called in various and distinct ways to pass on the good news to the next generation of believers.
    • Finally, the childfree life does not take into account the Lord God who is coming again, to judge all and to live with his people forever.
    • All believers, married and unmarried, are commanded to honor marriage because God created it and declared it good (Genesis 2:18-25) and because it points to a mystery greater than the covenant between bride and groom (Ephesians 5:32).
    • What we’re not supposed to do is consider marriage the most important thing, without which life will be incomplete.
    • Jesus is clear that to remain unmarried requires a calling, or measure of grace, and also that such a station should be “for the sake of the kingdom.”
    • This is not a verse by verse analysis, like some very good study Bibles already on the market. Rather, we wanted an introductory article to each book of the Bible which tackles some PT classic questions – what is the melodic line of this book, what is its message and intent and so on
    • Alongside these book-related articles are a set of introductory articles on reading the Bible.
    • One thing that concerns me about the recovery of biblical manhood and masculinity in the evangelical church is the potential of importing worldly and harmful notions of “manhood” into an otherwise godly movement.
    • And though they fly, lest they throw themselves headlong into death, yet their constancy in preaching the gospel does sufficiently declare that they feared not danger. For Luke says that they preached the gospel in other places also. This is the right kind of fear, when the servants of Christ do not run willfully into the hands of their enemies, of them to be murdered, and yet they do not abandon their duty; neither does fear hinder them from obeying God when he calls; and so, consequently, they can afford, if need be, to go even through death itself to do their duty. (Commentary on Acts of the Apostles)
    • we ought to pursue the course of action we think will best serve the cause of the gospel.
    • Now, of course, the exact details of why Armitage was fired from California State University Northridge are not publicly known. However, the timing of the event speaks volumes. It’s not every day that a university employee gets fired right after publishing a paper in a peer-reviewed journal!
    • Of course, squelching competing ideas is incredibly anti-science, and it never works. The evidence will win out, and science will eventually correct itself. Thus, the High Priests of Evolution are fighting a losing battle. The only thing their Inquisition can do is delay the inevitable.
    • In his new book, The Distinctiveness of Baptist Covenant Theology, Pascal Denault provocatively suggests that John Owen was a Baptist.  Of course, Denault is well aware that Owen was in fact a Congregationalist.  Denault’s point is that, in many respects, Owen’s understanding of the biblical covenants was closer to the Particular Baptist view than it was to the paedobaptist covenant theology represented in the Westminster Standards (or even in the Congregationalist’s own Savoy Declaration).
    • Don’t let the distractions of video games and hobbies numb your need for companionship. Instead, seek a godly wife. In marriage, God will sanctify you more than you could ever possibly imagine and will bring you more joy than you thought possible. So put away valueless time-killers that numb your heart and instead, pursue God, pursue wisdom, and pursue a woman that seeks those things as well.

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