What I Read Online – 08/02/2013 (p.m.)

03 Aug
    • Wealthy gay dad, Barrie Drewitt-Barlow, says he and his civil partner Tony will go to court to force churches to host gay weddings.
    • He added: “It upsets me because I want it so much – a big lavish ceremony, the whole works, I just don’t think it is going to happen straight away.


      “As much as people are saying this is a good thing I am still not getting what I want.”

    • First, Christians should always care about the progress of the gospel in other parts of the world. We should never fall into the trap of being parochial self-interested, naval-gazing – concerned about our own little patch but not about what God is doing elsewhere. Sydney is a massive city with millions of people who have a massive and urgent need to hear the gospel and repent. Under God, the Archbishop of Sydney can be a key figure in helping that to happen.
    • Second, the Archbishop of Sydney automatically becomes one of the key public spokespeople for Christianity in Australia
    • Third, worldwide Anglicanism is in bad health (to put it mildly!), and the future is uncertain. The Anglican Communion has fractured around key theological issues, with liberal dioceses (essentially the Western world, including most of Australia and New Zealand) calling into question such central ideas as the uniqueness of Jesus Christ, the place of the Bible in the Christian life, the centrality of the death of Jesus, and the truth of his resurrection. Meanwhile, Sydney has long assumed a leadership role among evangelical Anglicans seeking to uphold the Bible’s teaching on these (and other) issues. The Archbishop of the Diocese, then, is automatically thrust into a vital leadership role on the worldwide Anglican stage.
    • While (some) Christians are interested in denominations, non-Christians aren’t. As the media reports on these matters, the very people we live with day-by-day, and the very people we are trying to reach for Jesus, will just hear things like, ‘Christians squabble with each other’ or ‘Christians remain out of step with their community’. In this climate, the leadership given by the new Archbishop of Sydney – the way he supports evangelical believers, the way he interacts with those who deny the Bible’s teaching, the way he speaks publicly – will flow through to the way that even non-Anglican Christians interact with their neighbours.

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