What I Read Online – 07/31/2013 (p.m.)

01 Aug
    • One of the Great Hymns You May Not Know
    • We are concerned with the way Keller conveys some specific doctrines, such as a teaching on creation that seems to legitimize theistic evolution; a teaching on sin that seems to overemphasize the impersonal effects of sin in this life and underemphasize sin as disobedience to the law of God; a doctrine of hell that seems to minimize God’s role in condemning sinners to hell or meting out wrath; a ‘divine dance’ teaching on the Trinity that seems to undermine the eternal begetting of the Son and the procession of the Spirit; and a teaching on the mission of the church that seems to say that our given task is to transform the culture.
    • 2013 Twitter Poll
        (Full-time Pastors)


       2008 LifeWay Research Poll
        (Part-Time & Full-Time Pastors)


      Less than 40 hours






      40-49 hours






      50-59 hours






      60-69 hours






      70 hours or more




        • Prayer at the church: 14 hours

        • Sermon preparation: 18 hours

        • Outreach and evangelism: 10 hours

        • Counseling: 10 hours

        • Hospital and home visits: 15 hours

        • Administrative functions: 18 hours

        • Community involvement: 5 hours

        • Denominational involvement: 5 hours

        • Church meetings: 5 hours

        • Worship services/preaching: 4 hours

        • Other: 10 hours


        Total: 114 hours/week

    • Thabiti Anyabwile

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