Recommended e-Journals

01 Aug

I have put together a simple list of e-Journals to recommend for folks who are attending this year’s Stand for the Gospel Conference.

I have focused on e-Journals for two reasons:

  1. There are several high quality, free e-Journals being published today.
  2. For those which have a subscription fee, the fee is usually significantly discounted for e-Issues, especially when adding on International shipping costs.

These journals would benefit any Christian who is desiring to think carefully about God’s Word and how to apply its truths to our lives as Christians today. However, some of them specifically target church leaders (pastors, elders, etc.). I would suggest that anyone in church leadership ought to be reading a minimum of two periodicals regularly in order to stay current and sharp on trends within the broader church. (Remember once a book is published it is old news.)

Here’s my list:

  1. Credo (free/PDF –
  2. 9Marks (free/PDF or Kindle –
  3. Themelios (free/PDF –
  4. Table Talk/Ligonier (iPad/Phone App –
  5. The Biefing/Matthias Media (iPad/Phone App –
  6. The Journal of Biblical Counselling/CCEF (PDF/Kindle –
  7. Modern Reformation (PDF –

A bonus…

For more technical journals I highly recommend The Theological Journal Library: which is now up to volume 15. The initial investment is high, but after that it is just a matter of purchasing the new volume each year. In doing this you will have a searchable, electronic version of a large number of the better, Evangelical journal articles from the previous year.

I have been using this resource since Volume #1 and now have thousands of journal issues all on my laptop, fully searchable. I could never afford the shelf space, let alone the cost of the printed journals!


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