A Tribute to My Mum upon Her Retirement

01 Aug

My Mum’s last day of regular, paid employment was yesterday. Her church family just threw her a retirement party and we just got off from a Skype/video call where we were able to join the party a bit.

These are the times when living on the other side of the world is challenging.

If I were to tell the story of my Mum’s pursuit of her degree and her faithful, dedicated work over these past 20+ years it would take a very long post and some of it you just wouldn’t believe.

I am very glad she has retired. We look forward to her visiting us next year for an extended stay.

I am also very proud of my Mum. She has set a wonderful example of hard, dedicated work for the glory of God and the good of her family.

Here is a brief video tribute I recorded which was shown at her party just before we Skyped in. (Trust me, my family has teased me relentlessly, telling my how boring and monotone I sound!)

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Posted by on 01/08/2013 in Family, Parenting


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