What I Read Online – 07/14/2013 (a.m.)

14 Jul
      • Keller on ‘Rebranding’ the Doctrine of Sin (Iain D. Campbell)
      • ‘Brimstone-Free Hell’: a new way of saying the same old thing about judgment and hell (William M. Schweitzer)
      • Losing the Dance: is the ‘divine dance’ a good explanation of the Trinity? (Kevin J. Bidwell)
      • The Church’s Mission: sent to ‘do justice’ in the world? (Peter J. Naylor)
      • Timothy Keller’s Hermeneutic: an example for the church to follow? (C. Richard H. Holst)
      • ‘Not Quite’ Theistic Evolution: does Keller bridge the gap between creation and evolution? (William M. Schweitzer)
      • Looking for Communion in All the Wrong Places: Keller and the doctrine of the church (D. G. Hart)

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