What I Read Online – 07/08/2013 (p.m.)

09 Jul
    • 1. Adopt an intentional prayer plan.


    • 2. Use a relational approach.


    • Jesus, the perfect Spirit-filled human being, experienced contradiction (and he didn’t even have personal sinfulness added into the mix, as the rest of us do). So why would we expect to avoid it? Christians can expect doubt to be a real, and difficult, experience – one which might well lead to doubt. And that should give us serious pause before assigning it to being a symptom of spiritual immaturity or arrogance.
    • So, while we should defend doubt as a likely reality for Christians, we shouldn’t defend it as a virtue.


    • Today many evangelicals assume that the Bible does not prescribe a normative pattern of church polity. This is a natural—and convenient—assumption for a generation of church leaders who have been trained to value innovation, creativity, efficiency, and productivity on the model of a successful corporation
    • One caveat up front: my argument for a normative New Testament polity is explicitly congregational. That’s because I understand the New Testament to prescriptively model a congregational polity. However, the argument as a whole still applies—some details excepted, of course—whether you see local elders, or a Presbyterian structure, as holding final authority in matters of discipline and doctrine.
    • I read through it, transfixed, in one evening. I wish more books were this captivating
    • On reaching the last page, I was astounded by the incredibly life-transforming work of Christ.

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