What I Read Online – 07/08/2013 (a.m.)

08 Jul
    • The essential work of children’s ministry is to partner with families in the evangelism and discipleship of their own children.
    • Dad’s the boss of gospel ministry in his family. Mum’s his helper. So to everyone else who is not mum or dad, no matter how important you are in other parts of life or within the church: fall into line and pull your weight, helping parents if and as you can and as God gives you grace and opportunity
    • the principle at work here is that evangelism begins in the home
    • The first idea is that it’s the primary responsibility of the father and mother to teach their child about God and about life—a responsibility that can be shared with the children’s worker and many others, but mustn’t be taken over by him, her, or anyone else.
    • There’s a good word for aunts, uncles, orphans, and single people who are worried that there is nothing in children’s ministry for them. Church is family, and if you love Jesus and have been forgiven of your sins in him, you are part of that family. Now be what you are!
    • At its most basic level, the job of caring for the children’s ministry at church mustn’t be completely delegated away from the senior minister or the teaching eldership.
    • As in all eldership positions, the person should be someone with Christian commitment, character, and capability
    • Among his voluminous works, Luther wrote some 36 hymns. “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God,” however, is far and away the most well known
    • Glynn Cardy is leaving the Anglican church for the Presbyterian Church, as announced here

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