What I Read Online – 07/05/2013 (a.m.)

05 Jul
      I cannot speak highly enough of the material. It is  brief; only 83 pages, clear with good exposition of scriptures, it  answers questions that we are being asked – ‘Surely a same sex  partnership is ok if it’s committed and faithful?’, ‘Jesus never  mentions homosexuality. How can it be wrong?’ ‘Aren’t we just picking  and choosing  which Old Testament laws apply?’ and then they key issue  ‘Can’t Christians just agree to differ on this?’. Every minister should  read this book and we should endeavour to get it into the hands of as  many of our congregation as possible.
    • the twentieth century, which was probably the worst of all centuries for remembering the past
    • Yet it can be argued that for all his personal conservatism, there were, in Calvin’s view of civil society, enough chinks and fissures through which a case for rebellion against civic injustice could be developed. Calvin himself was certainly not an advocate of rebellion. Far from it
    • He causes you to think more about your sin than your Savior
    • He works in you to wrongly understand God’s graces
    • He leads you to make false inferences from harsh providences
    • He suggests to you that the evidences of grace in your life are counterfeit rather than genuine
    • He convinces you that the kind of battle you have with sin is a battle that marks only unbelieving hypocrites
    • He suggests to your soul that the fact that you have less joy in Christ now than you once did proves that you have not been saved
    • He works within you to make you believe that relapses into sin–even sins you have labored to overcome–are evidence that you are not a believer
    • He convinces you that only an unbeliever could face the manner and the weight of temptation you face right now
    • First, she doesn’t communicate any concern about the sinfulness of homosexual desires nor the immorality of homosexual actions
    • Second, Rachel seems to identify everyone who takes the view that homosexual desires are part of broken human sinfulness, and that homosexual actions are sin, as bullies
    • Rev Samuel Marsden is one of Australia’s first missionaries who brought Christianity to New Zealand. Nine speakers at Library Day will look at the commencement of Marsden’s mission. The day will include an exhibition of historical material relating to Marsden held in our Samuel Marsden Archives.


      Date: Saturday, July 27
       Time: 10am-4pm
       Venue: 15 King St, Newtown
       Speakers include: Peter Bolt, Greg Anderson, Simon Manchester, Michael Gladwin.
       Registration: $25 includes morning tea and lunch


      Register online today:


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