What I Read Online – 07/04/2013 (p.m.)

05 Jul
    • Our afternoon seminar option on same sex attraction was carefully planned and very well received.
    • Athanasius didn’t think Trinitarian deviation was a case of “all one in Christ”.


      Yes, I’m talking about Hillsong Conference 2013 with TD Jakes on the platform. Jakes has come from Oneness Pentecostalism—a modalist trinitarian heresy—and still equivocates about orthodox trinitarian confession.

    • Now here’s an extract from Thabiti Anyabwile on the problems for evangelicals in associating on the platform with someone like TD Jakes, given his lack of trinitarian clarity. This was written when he’d heard that James McDonald and Mark Driscoll had invited TD Jakes to a discussion panel known as the Elephant Room 2—leading to the withdrawal of Mark Dever from participation as a result.
    • Recent events have given T.D. Jakes greater credibility in and access to communities that to this point were largely unaware of him. In my opinion, that can’t be a good thing.
    • To be frank, and I’m sorry to say this since some of them are friends and/or mentors, I’m surprised and disappointed some Sydney Anglicans are so phlegmatic about a conference which gives this man a prominent platform.


      I don’t care if other people on the platform are orthodox. On the Trinity, even if it meant it was him against the world (and it cost him 5 exiles from his bishopric in Egypt), Athanasius would not put up with avoidance or obfuscation or ambiguity, and neither should we.

    • As a postscript, I have similar concerns about the whole prosperity gospel thing, preached by Joel Osteen, as well as Jakes, and ravaging many parts of Africa. It’s not just enough to have a milder, less self-focused version of it in Australia. We need to hear unequivocal repentance from and repudiation of the prosperity gospel, from Hillsong, rather than provision of a platform for its peddlers.
    • But, if the biblical picture of humans is right, we would actually expect that we might doubt true things too
    • Doubt happens, then, for reasons that do make sense within a Christian view of what it means to be human in this world
    • Clothed first in His righteousness
    • Clothed not to access His presence
    • Clothed to anticipate the banquet table
    • Clothed to serve the interests of others / not to flaunt my preferences
    • At the end of the day, what I wear to church is guided by sanctified intuition, freed by being clothed in Christ’s righteousness, shaped by my anticipation for worshipping together, and informed by humility and a desire to serve one another

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