What I Read Online – 07/04/2013 (a.m.)

04 Jul
    • Here is a map I’ve tinkered with marking some of the major locations in the life of the great theologian and pastor Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758). Thanks to Ken Minkema’s authoritative chronology and Tony Reinke’s helpful notes.



      Feel free to add corrections or further details to the map. I’ve made it public.


      Other historical Google Maps I’ve done are Augustine’s World and Jesus’ Final Week.


      I hope this encourages others to try their hand at something similar using the best historical resources.




    • It behoves us to remember what I have just now touched upon, that since the minds of men are commonly possessed with such headstrong arrogance as leads them to despise God, and to magnify beyond measure their own means and advantages, nothing is of more importance than to humble them, in order to their being made to perceive that whatever they undertake it shall dissolve into smoke, unless God in the exercise of pure grace cause it to prosper
    • The verb עמל, amal, which we have translated to labor, signifies not only to employ one’s self in something or other, but also to busy one’s self even to lassitude and distress. I have said that by the word keepers is to be understood not only those who are appointed to keep watch, but all magistrates and judges. If they are characterized by vigilance, it is the gift of God. There is, however, need of another vigilance — that of God; for unless he keep watch out of heaven no perspicacity of men will be sufficient to guard against dangers.

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