What I Read Online – 07/02/2013 (p.m.)

03 Jul
    • The kind of doubt I am talking about is related to that, but different. It is when our doubt is focused not on whether we can be acceptable to God or whether our faith is genuine, but rather on God himself – whether he is in fact there at all, or what his character is really like.
    • This book is an expansion of a controversial article in the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy in 2011. Given the seemingly inexorable advance of same-sex marriage in the United States in the two years subsequent, and last week’s rulings from the Supreme Court to strike down a law refusing federal benefits to homosexual couples while also refusing to rule on Proposition 8, this book is certainly timely. It argues that current public policy debates are really about the nature of marriage itself, not about homosexuality or even same-sex marriage as such.
    • Most readers of this review will be comfortable with biblical and theological claims about the nature of marriage, but some may question whether non-biblical and non-theological arguments for a traditional view of marriage, such as this book offers, are worthwhile at all. The answer, I believe, is affirmative.
    • When Christians make only biblical arguments for the nature of marriage, however, we give the impression that a traditional view of marriage is some uniquely or parochially Christian thing; to put it another way, we give the impression that people who do not profess belief in the Bible have no reason to support traditional marriage. Yet this is not true.
    • Traditional marriage is part of the created order that God sustains through his common grace, not a uniquely Christian institution, and society as a whole suffers when it is not honored.
    • For nearly three decades, from 1962 to 1989, Carter, decked out in a sort of Dracula getup, introduced Bela Lugosi-era horror movies on WTTV Channel 4’s “Nightmare Theater.” He began each show by climbing out of a coffin wearing a dark cape and skull cap and chuckling fiendishly.

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