Baptist pastor with colourful past, including fraud and burglary convictions, will soon be Dean of Wellington

27 Jun

The title to this post comes from the tag line of this article in this morning’s New Zealand Herald.

You can also read Anglican Down Under’s brief take on this here.

You can read even more here.

Baptist Pastor = among other things, historically to be a Baptist pastor would mean one was convinced, from the Scriptures, that children are not to be baptised, that baptism is for believers based upon their confession of faith. I enjoy fellowship with many brothers & sisters-in-Christ who do not believe this and I am happy to acknowledge there are different views. However, to jump from a Baptist pastor to a dean of an Anglican Cathedral is HUGE theologically.

Fraud & Burglary Convictions = Only 11 years ago, while the pastor of a Baptist church in Tauranga, this man was found guilty of the burglary of a parishioner’s home along with insurance fraud and stealing from his church. Yet, in a relatively short period of time (less than four years) he was made the senior pastor of another Baptist church and now the dean of an Anglican Cathedral.

1 Timothy 3 clearly outlines the qualifications of a pastor/elder/bishop and to begin with he must be “above reproach.” Certainly “above reproach” does not mean sinless or there would be no pastors. However, to be convicted of fraud & burglary and then made a senior pastor of another church and now the dean of a church in another denomination all in a relatively short period of time seems to discard this qualification or at least present it as something less than serious.


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