What I Read Online – 06/25/2013 (p.m.)

26 Jun
    • In a church with multiple cultures represented, it would be humble and wise for those in the majority culture to recognize there’s always more they can do to accommodate other cultures. And likewise, those in minority cultures would demonstrate a godly humility by being willing to sacrifice and extend grace in order to be part of a church where they are not the majority culture.


    • If you’re looking for a book that explains how cultural differences might play out in the context of the local church, this could be a very helpful resource. That’s not because being cultural savvy itself is the key to unity. The gospel unites us. But compelled by the gospel, we want to do all we can to pursue mutual understanding and love.


    • I wish someone had looked me in the eye before seminary and told me it’s a means to an end, not an end unto itself
    • Once again, I wish someone had emphasized to me that seminary isn’t a means to an end. I gained all the biblical and theological tools to be able to think through these crises. But real-life theological crises require more airtight theology. Real crises that real people in the real world face need not only good theology, but also one who understands his calling to pastor them. In short, acting like seminary isn’t the end would have helped me better prepare to step into the pastoral calling God has graciously given me.
    • Observers say that the failure of U.S. intelligence officials to locate Sandiego was likely because they did not know enough about geography.
    • While the success of the operation has been welcomed, it has also raised questions about why similar progress is not being made in the hunt for stripe-suited eccentric Wally, something the White House says is complicated because “there are just too many people who look like him.”
    • the current generation of American children knows the Discovery Channel better than their own backyards–and that this loss of contact with nature leads to impoverished lives and stunted imagination.

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