What I Read Online – 06/21/2013 (a.m.)

21 Jun
    • “Evangelical Christianity increasingly addresses sexual issues more in line with the older Christian tradition of sin and temptation and triumph than with the language of therapy,” Moore told Baptist Press. “We can’t have a utopian view of overcoming temptation of any sort.”

      Jesus never promises any Christian freedom from temptation, Moore said, but He does promise the power of the Spirit to fight against the pull to temptation, whatever the temptation may be.

      “Increasingly churches are addressing persons with same-sex attractions the same way they address everyone else: in terms of the Gospel and a lifelong call to take up one’s cross and follow Christ,” Moore said. “This means the Christian grappling with same-sex attractions needs to hear that the Gospel addresses him or her, and that this person needs the whole body of Christ, in community, not just an accountability group of those who are defined by the same temptations.”

    • Russell Moore, in his comments to Baptist Press, said, “The Christian church has always maintained that sexual expression is directed only toward the one-flesh union of male and female in marriage.

      “Anything else is to be turned away from, regardless of how difficult that is. The church has also maintained that all are fallen people who can be forgiven by the blood of Christ and who can receive power to walk according to the Spirit, not according to the flesh,” Moore said. “We shouldn’t be offering cures or quick fixes, but Gospel.”

    • I recently talked to Dr. Nichols about the book and the man behind it. We talked about things like: How do you pronounce his name? Why do we need another book on Bonhoeffer after Metaxas’s big bestselling biography? Was he an evangelical? And other questions.
    • Embracing the promises (11:13)
    • If women could just change their circumstances, if we could just get out of these traditional roles, “then we’d be happy.” But the fact is: women are not happier today. The happiness we long for is not “out there,” but it’s only found in a relationship with Jesus.
    • Inspired by Shai Linne and Appendix II of Thomas Brook’s Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices.

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